About Us

About PRNLink.com

PRNLink.com provides innovative data management to the health care Industry with a set of tools and services to help simplify the complexity of connecting, translating and sharing critical electronic data.

PRNLink.com understands your need. We have been managing ‘At Risk Healthcare’ for over 15 years.

If you have questions or would like to see if we have a solution to your problems please contact us at: (800) 249-9031

We Specialize In

Operations – Application Optimization and Web based interfaces

  • System migrations/upgrades
    → Error Correction
    → 837/X12/HL7 inbound and outbound
    → Nonstandard format translation
  • Eligibility
    → Reconciliation to Capitation
    → Eligibility audit and discrepancy correction
    → Data Management (Inload and reconciliation)
  • Claims
    → 837 conversions, implementations, and work arounds
    → CAS/OOP
    → Routing misdirected claims
  • Benefit Profiling
    → Template creation and population
  • Capitation
  • EDI

Strategic Data

  • Applications to facilitate analysis of data from multiple sources
  • Cost Analysis
  • Digital Dashboards
  • Report development from multiple data sources
  • Help clients establish an Internet presence

Meet our Staff

Patricia Page LaPenn, CEO began her healthcare career in public health research and transitioned to management of medical delivery system data. She applied the technology and statistical methods to solving problems in health care delivery systems including compensation, capitation, and risk pool management. In 1998 she partnered with 8 primary care physicians to start an IPA (at risk) which broadened her skills to include management of claims payment, eligibility, and capitation.

Patricia is also a dietitian with experience working alongside physicians on the treatment of high risk patients, which combined with her expertise in statistics, provides a unique perspective in the analysis of episodes of care.

Patricia has a Masters in Public Health from the University of Minnesota. In addition to her 20 years of experience working with at risk delivery systems in California she has also worked for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, New York City Health Department, USDA (South Dakota, New Mexico, and Minnesota), and several Insurers.

Jackie Guajaca has been a data analyst for 10 years with seventeen in the Southern California health care industry and served as a Manager of system profiling for a large California MSO for 12 years. Jackie has extensive experience with EZCap system administration, EDI processes, quality measures and Gap analysis. She has authored many innovative efficiency reporting tools to support cost control and day-to-day operations. Jackie is a team player who has extensive experience and knowledge of HEDIS, HCC/RAF, 5 STAR, HL7, X12 and Pay for Performance. She is an expert in all aspects of claims (Professional and Institutional), Payment methods (Fee-for-Service and Capitation) and Medicare guidelines.

Alan La Penn has over thirty years of experience in process improvement, software development, data transformation and process automation. His background spans a wide range of industries, creating solutions for companies like Bell Laboratories (telecommunications), Hewlett Packard (worldwide sales compensation systems), SimQuest (Systems to analyze body armor requirements from military field casualty data) and Lyrix (speech recognition systems). He has a deep understanding of Cloud, client and distributed solutions.